Glacial Geomorphology
James S. Aber
Professor Emeritus
Emporia State University

Glacial geomorphology focuses on modern glaciers and ice sheets and particularly on the distinctive landscapes created by past glacial erosion, deposition, and deformation during the Ice Age. These lectures were taken from a larger course on Ice Age environments or Quaternary geology. The materials presented here are based primarily on the author's personal field experiences spanning more than four decades in the United States, Canada, Scandinavia, central Europe, and Venezuela.

Table of Contents
Lecture 1 Overview of the Ice Age
Lecture 2 Modern glaciers and ice sheets
Lecture 3 Glacial erosion
Lecture 4 Glacial deposition
Lecture 5 Glacial deformation
Lecture 6 Meltwater landforms
Lecture 7 Icelandic glaciers
Lecture 8 Glacial landscape patterns
Lecture 9 Glacial isostasy and eustasy
Glossary Glacial terminology
Title image Greenland Ice Sheet

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