University courses and webpages

James S. Aber and Susan E.W. Aber

Beginning in the mid-1990s, we created webpages and course curriculum for online teaching in geology and the earth sciences at the undergrad and graduate levels at Emporia State University (Kansas). The courses range from the ice ages, to tectonics, to gemology, to the history of geology. Since our retirement in 2017, ESU has removed these materials from its web server. Due to continued interest and requests, however, we have placed some of our former academic webpages at this location.

The following webpages include course and curriculum contents. However, some items have been removed such as student blogs and reports, grading and exams, lab datasets, handout items, etc. In other words, only the primary webpage lectures, illustrations, and references are provided here.

Available subjects
History of geology European and American
Climate change of the Holocene Epoch
Holocene climate
Detailed chronology
Sunspots and auroras
Glacial geomorphology (Quaternary geology)
Plagiarism and preparing scientific reports

Future subjects
World of Amber, Tectonics, etc.

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