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Awards for photographic composition

For additional shots, see Presque Isle.

Panoramic view over Pacific Grove, CA.
© J.S. and S.W. Aber (2006).

See also rephotographing San Francisco in Ruins
by Scott Haefner and others.

Harbor entrance was a top ten selection at the 2006 Emporia Camera Club annual members showing, Emporia, Kansas. Kite aerial photograph of the seawall and navigation tower at South Padre Island, Texas. Sun glint highlights curved wave patterns on the water surface. See South Texas; © J.S. and S.W. Aber (2006).

Autumn color, Estonian bog won the photography category of the National Science Foundation 2005 Visualization Challenge--see Science magazine. This vertical KAP, taken in Sept. 2001, demonstrates remarkable autumn bog colors, in which the complex spatial organization of bog features is portrayed in stunning detail. See Estonian bog color; © J.S. and S.W. Aber (2005).

Water, waves and sun won best of show at the 2005 Emporia Camera Club annual members showing, Emporia, Kansas. The KAP image depicts a solid dock projecting into a lagoon with sun glint from waves. The show judged was Larry Schwarm, who has gained critical acclaim for his photographs of prairie fire and the aftermath of the Greensburg tornado. See Gulf coast; © J.S. and S.W. Aber (2005).

Commercial sources for kites
and blimp equipment
Into the Wind Gomberg kite productions
Premier Kites Gone with the Wind

Selected KAP websites

Peter Bengtsson (Sweden).
Ralf Beutnagel (Germany).
Bob Brown (USA).
François Demont (France).
Steve Irvine (Canada).
Nicolas Chorier (France).

Kites have been featured on postage stamps from many countries. This issue of Scott Stamp Monthly reviewed the theme of kites on stamps from around the world.

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