Sun Glitter

Sun glitter is the sparkling appearance of waves on water. Glitter is the summation of individual sun glints, each one an instantaneous flash of sunlight from a wave surface at just the right angle to reflect light toward the camera (Lynch and Livingston 1995). Glitter is relatively common in vertical and low-oblique views over wave-tossed water bodies.

Near-vertical view over the Ninnescah River, near Wichita, Kansas. Photo date 8/97; © J.S. Aber.

Vertical view above Split Rock Creek at Palisades State Park, South Dakota. In this view glitter is seen on the water surface (top left), and sun glint highlights steel track of the railroad (bottom center). Photo date 7/98; © J.S. Aber.

Sun glitter appears in this low-oblique view toward the sun over Lake Kahola, Kansas. Photo date 4/99; © J.S. Aber.


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