Geological Survey of Canada

Important Early Geologists

Geologist Accomplishments
William E. Logan First director GSC (1842-1869). Field work in Gaspé region. Structural break between Appalachian Mountains and Canadian Shield named for him.
Alexander Murray Logan's first assistant and second member of GSC. Field work in Great Lakes region.
A.R.C. Selywn Director Geological Survey of Victoria, Australia (1852-69). Second director GSC (1869-1895). Field work in Newfoundland and western Canada.
G.M. Dawson Third director of GSC (1895-1901). Field work in British Columbia and the Yukon. Yukon city named for him during gold rush.
Robert Bell Acting director GSC (1901-06). Began field work for GSC in 1859; field work in northern and western Canada.
A.P. Low Neptune expedition leader to Hudson Bay and Arctic Islands region (1903-04). Field work in Hudson Bay and Labrador regions.
J.B. Tyrrell Field work in Hudson Bay, Northwest and Yukon territories (1880-90s). Ancient glacial sea surrounding Hudson Bay named for him.

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