Stained Glass
Panels & Globes

James S. Aber

The author has more than three decades experience in design and construction of leaded stained-glass flat panels and globes. Most panels depict egg-shaped "agates" floating in free-flowing mosaics with various color and tone combinations. Special design themes also are produced, such as kites, chess, cats, etc. Panels range in size from 8x10 inches up to 2x3 feet. All types of shapes may be produced--square, rectangle, circle, oval, and special shapes to fit odd places. Panels usually are displayed in windows, doors, or free hanging.

Globes are 3-d structures based on traditional geometric forms with number of sides ranging from 12 to 92 (Cundy and Rollett 1981). Globes normally are built for hanging light fixtures, in which the top and bottom sides are left open. Sizes range from 10 to 18 inches in diameter.

Stained glass comes in a nearly infinite variety of colors and textures--clear, translucent, opalized, plain, wavy, frosted, single tone, multi-hues, etc. The glass may appear quite different when viewed in transmitted light or in reflected light. The following examples illustrate examples of recent work. Click on small images to see larger displays.

Flat panel displayed in reflected light (left) and transmitted light (right) showing construction technique. Stylized chess king symbol, 8x10 inches.
Pair of rectangular panels. Hot-and-cool theme (left) and light-and-dark theme (right). 18x22 inches. Transmitted light.

Great rhombicosidodecahedron globe. Large blue panes are 10-sided, yellow panes are hexagons, and orange panes are squares. Total of 60 glass panes with top and bottom open. Hanging light fixture, 15 inches in diameter.

Kite and tail. Oval panel mounted in oak frame: 12x20 inches. Transmitted light. Multicolor theme. Large trapezoid shape, one of a pair designed to fit in a triangular window. Bare metal frame: 24x43 inches. Transmitted light.

All stained glass artwork is custom designed and each piece is a unique combination of shapes and colors. Special commissions may be considered for production of panels and globes in particular styles, shapes, colors or subject matter. For more information, contact the author, James S. Aber.


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