Aerial Survey
Lake Kahola, Kansas

James S. and Susan W. Aber

During the winter months of 2002 (January-March, December), the authors undertook an aerial survey of cabin properties in cooperation with the Kahola Park Cabin Owners Association. Vertical airphotos were collected for every cabin lot at the lake. These photographs were assembled into a database for property management purposes (Aber and Aber 2003).

The time of year was chosen to minimize tree canopy (leaf) cover that might obscure some structures. However, long shadows are conspicuous. Lake water level was approximately 2 feet below normal. This is done to protect shore structures from ice damage. All photographs were acquired with a Canon digital Elph. The following examples depict selected portions of the lake.

Northern side

Even-numbered cabin lots.

Cabin lots 20 through 36. Cabin lots 50 through 68.
Cabin lots 114 through 128. Cabin lots 134 through 150.
Cabin lots 154 through 162. Cabin lots 86 through 104.

Southern side

Odd-numbered cabin lots.

Cabin lots 5 through 17. Cabin lots 67A through 79.
Cabin lots 107 through 119. Cabin lots 175 through 181.
Note distinctive shadows.
Cabin lots 121 through 127. Cabin lots 139 through 151
plus 157.

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All images © by the authors (2004).